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  • Childcare providers played a critical role in keeping the frontline services undisrupted, despite all the financial and safety challenges many had to endure.  
  • The sense of urgency brought together bipartisan lawmakers to introduce and advance relief bills to address some of the needs of the childcare industry. Sadly, none of them was enacted as a law yet.
  • Meanwhile, working parents are leaving the workforce. So, when a valuable employee leaves, what companies can do to fill that void? Start offering childcare benefits to its employees.

Childcare has proven to be the backbone to keep America from collapsing

When Covid-19 hit the U.S., the childcare industry played an important role in keeping the frontline workers undisrupted. Childcare providers quickly adapted their settings to safely care for those families’ children, while in many cases experiencing a severe financial strain. Childcare has proven to be the backbone to keep America from collapsing. For the past months, we’ve seen bipartisan lawmakers approving and introducing new relief bills to address the overdue needs of this industry. Likewise, many corporations in America are stepping up to support their workforce through childcare benefits.

When a valuable employee leaves, what companies can do to fill that void?

As Covid-19 keeps most schools postponing their full-time re-openings, and parents continue juggling work, homeschool, and house life, many already are reducing work hours and quitting their jobs. Childcare providers are struggling to keep their business up and running at reduced capacity and with higher costs to comply with safety protocols. Corporate America is increasingly looking for alternatives to revert talent draining and underperforming results. The good news is Arvorie has been working to address those gaps. We’ve been supporting parents to find high-quality childcare providers, working with corporations to keep their workforce and productivity apace, and partnering with childcare providers to boost their demand.

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